The lakes

Owner: Ing. Reinhard Semlitsch, 

Misselsdorf 96, A - 8480 Mureck

The SSK lakes are there since 1995. The investment includes three lakes.

Project one is about 10.71 ha big. The lake will get extended to 15 ha until 2017. In the north and the east bathing is possible. (Info bathing)

Project two has a size of 4.15 ha and is exclusive usedfor fishing.

Project three has a size about 4.82 ha. In the north bathing is possible. At project one and two dogs are usually forbidden. At project three it is possible to include your dog into the bathing time.

What is Bucht09?

We are offering the possibility of gently bathing an the possibility to discover your hobby, fishing new. 

Of course the main hunting species are carps. Under the topic "one class ahead" our main focus is to offer fisherman the possibility to enjoy their hobby as much as possible.

We try to get the perfect balance between pressure and care.

Our leading pole position is carpcare and care of nature. 

We are distancing our lakes from known paylakes, where the carps are not handled with enough care and the main focus is profit-oriented. 

If you are the same opinion you will enjoy your stay in the southeast of Styria.

We are looking forward for any feedback as well positive and negative. 

Only the one who sees both sides, sees "sharp"

In our lakes are nearly all native fish-species present. There is a good chance to catch a carp up to 30kg / 66 lbs with some luck, the necessary patience and the required know how. Our motto "catch an release" as well as the complete careful handling with the nature and the creatures have got the highest priority.

Rules lake 1

- It is allowed to hunt with three rods -It is forbidden to remove fishes from the lake -

Were you are allowed to fish you can see at the supplement -Fishing over the night is allowed •As long as the lakes are free of ice it is possible to try your luck •

It is only allowed to photograph fishes while kneeling in the near of the bottom -

It is forbidden to take your own landing nets, unhooking mats or weighslings -

Our carp care products are available in the carp care box near behind the headquarter at the lake (after use they have to be cleaned) -

After catch the fish has to be carried to your spot at the end of the boat and not in the boat 

Braided lines are forbidden -Line diameter above 0.3 mm -Fire is only allowed in grillers 

- Fishing is only allowed in the booked sector - 

In the months of bathing (June, July, August ) backleads have to be used as well as it is forbidden to use any markers or things like this •

Containing of carps is completely forbidden - Klinik have to be used - 

Silicon leader or leadcore at least 30 cm are important -

It is allowed to bring your rods out with the boat you can also drill the carp from the boat - 

Fishing with floats is forbidden - Hook size 1 and 2 are not allowed •

Particles have to be cooked before using - It is forbidden to fish while drunk -

E-motor and sonar are allowed - Leaving your sector while rods are "sharp" is forbidden 

- Predators are spared - Commands from the caretaker has to be followed 

- When rules violations, fish theft or vandalism on the area fishing license is immediately revoked and the owner keeps before a civil action against the perpetrator - 

Baiting is generally forbidden




Whether you have questions, requests or suggestions, 

want to make an appointment, or just want to give a feedback to our homepage;

the below mentioned link to our e-mail address is available for this purpose. 

You can also order our Baits via email. 

Please tell us the desired amount. 

We like to put in touch with you.